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 Anouncement:Community Rules *Must Read*

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Anouncement:Community Rules *Must Read* Empty
PostSubject: Anouncement:Community Rules *Must Read*   Anouncement:Community Rules *Must Read* EmptySun Aug 16, 2009 6:01 pm

These are against the rules:

1.) Posting of any nudity, pornography or vulgar materials.
2.) Distribution of any malicious software or viruses
3.) Gaining access to another person's account.
4.) Acting like an administrator or moderator (mini-modding).
a. This includes behavior such as, "Do that again and you will be warned". (That was just an example)

5.) Being racist or prejudice in any way, shape or form.
6.) Carelessly posting in attempt to gain post count (spamming).
7.) Advertising.

a. Advertising Rules
1. User may not advertise other sites.
2. User is allowed to password zipped files and use the website as the pasword (CCF).
3. If a user wants to advertise with then contact CyberzeN (Affiliates).

8.) Insulting of any member.
9.) Direct or indirect sexual reference.
10.) Spamming.
11.) Wrong section posting.
12.) Flaming.
13.) Asking to be a moderator.
14.) The distribution of any cracked, pirated or leaked software (warez).

A message to the moderators: Justice is blind and NO ONE is above it.

Rules for infractions:

If you feel you have been infracted wrongly, PM me and I'll take a look at the infraction.

If any user has suspected abuse of moderator privlages please PM me or CyberzeN immediately with a reason and some proof. We will revise the situation and punish accordingly. (Nothing against Mods, just to give equal opportunity).

Any failure to follow any of these rules will result in punishment (Obviously), the more that occur, the more serious the punishment.

If you obey these rules, you should enjoy the community quite well!
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Anouncement:Community Rules *Must Read*
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